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John Burn

I am a solo artist, guitarist, and singer. I am also a composer and have even written and published four chamber music works. This is for flute-piano cello. You can also find all this on Spotify and YouTube. My songs are in a pop-rock style with a lot of guitar sound. I have my own playlist on Spotify and Deezer, where you can find all my songs together. I sing my songs, especially in English and German, but I also have many songs with Hungarian words on my list. I appreciate all my listeners who listen to my song and I wish you directly the opportunity and time to listen to my works. I collaborate this time with a lot of other artists. So are my songs more variables and interested. My team is very diligent and we publish a couple of songs monthly. If you follow me, you can listen to new works every time. I thank you all, your John Burn.

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  John Burn
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