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Paradise Motel

Paradise Motel was formed in 1987. It consisted of Ray and Tim Mussell, Glenn Ellery and Bernie Parenteau. All members were from the same small town in Alberta Canada.

The band started out doing smaller shows and weekend club dates. They became a recording act in 1990 with a release on a compilation CD entitled Western and Country.

Paradise Motel started recording their debut self-titled album in 1991. At this point all members still had full-time jobs. The first single, “Fire In The Hole” was released in 1992 and was followed up with a video on CMT. Paradise motel was starting to gain recognition and was invited to appear at Fan Fair in Nashville. In 1992 the group went full-time touring. They toured extensively for 2 1/2 years playing venues in Canada and the USA, opening for major label acts, doing festivals and major circuit clubs. The band folded in 1994.Sadly, Bernie Parenteau, the drummer passed away in 2008 and Tim Mussell passed away in 2012. It was after Tim passed away that Glenn and Ray started recording demo tracks. The first demo recorded was “Black Dove”. The original recording was in 2013. Through the next 5 years the project grew in scope to what it has become today. 2 full studio albums, 4 YouTube videos with the debut being “Black Dove” and 3 more videos ready to release. 4 more videos are in the planning stages to complete 8 single releases over the next 2 years.


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 Paradise Motel
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