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A Band Called Paul

Intimate. Tender. Lyrical.

Everything you weren’t expecting.


"Parallel Lives is built around a drumbeat pulse … a heartbeat for a dark story. There is a searing, emotional quality to the vocal that is compelling."

- Phil Thomas, UK music reviewer


"A truly powerful track offering an insight into the challenges of relationships."

- Dermot Whelan, Radio Presenter at TodayFM, Comedian and Author


"I love this track. I'm on my fourth listen and it's got me singing along. It's a beautiful piece of work."

- Shaun D. Charlton, Musician and Radio Presenter


In his latest solo release, Dublin's A Band Called Paul takes yet another stylistic about-turn and delivers an uncharacteristically visceral and downbeat ode to relationships that have gone distant over time.


“Parallel Lives” follows on from the raucous and joyous indie new-wave thumper “Inside Out” and the collaborative anthem of affirmation “Alive” with American rapper Joel I.D. released earlier in the year, both of which were selected by Tom Robinson for inclusion on BBC Radio 6’s “Introducing Mixtape”.



“A monster tune with a beast of a backbeat”

– Tom Robinson, BBC6, describing A Band Called Paul’s “INSIDE OUT”


Based in Dublin, Ireland, A Band Called Paul is the creative outlet of former orchestral percussionist, soundtrack composer and session musician Paul McDonnell. The band's music reflects the variety and depth of Paul's musical career transitioning seamlessly between hard rock, Latin jazz, indie rock, electronica and world music.


A Band Called Paul released its debut album, "Primero", in February 2019. He has released seven solo singles to date, three collaborations with American rapper Joel I.D. and had produced a single for Irish singer/songwriter Rhesus Freak.


A Band Called Paul is currently in rehearsals with a full band for a live show with a view to touring from early in 2023.

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A Band Called Paul