AP Tobler

Annapurna “AP” Tobler writes music about things that scare her.


The San Jose, CA native aims to share her experience with anxiety and depression by crafting songs rooted in grunge and alternative rock.


AP’s musical journey began with the discovery of drums at the age of 8. She explored the sounds and composition of grunge, hard rock, metal, and jazz through her studies, adding guitar and bass to her instruments studies in the years that followed.


AP has been gigging regularly since a young age, performing at high profile music events such as PASIC, Sweetwater Gearfest, and touring with the School of Rock AllStars. She drums professionally for local bands, and performs with the dynamic Street Drum Corps.


AP started writing and recording original music in 2018, releasing singles “Luvhate” and “Stingray” in 2019, and “Lazy Eye” and "Post Mortem" in 2020. Her versatility as a multi-instrumentalist has allowed her to compose and perform all tracks for her songs. As she continues to grow her musical identity, AP plans to further develop skills that allow for musical self-sufficiency and collaboration.



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