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Aardvaak Music

Mike Cook (aka Aardvaak) is a multi-instrument, multi-genre musician, composer, and recording artist. Growing up influenced by a wide range of music styles and genres, Mike started playing the piano at the age of seven. By the age of 10, he had added the Cello to his skillset, playing in the school orchestra and regional youth orchestras until his late teens. His love of piano and orchestral works is reflected in some of Mike's compositions, such as The Water’s Edge (2019) and Moments of Delirium (2020), the latter being part of his debut album Preciously Stoned - a collection of eclectic, ambience & dance beats.


The ground-breaking psychedelic and synthesised rock of Pink Floyd played a huge part of Mike's musical development in his early years. And, along with more mainstream rock & heavy metal, early house & electronic dance music - yes, that's quite a mix - shaped his love of music across a wide spectrum of genre.


Mike picked up the bass in his latter teens, joining a 7-piece pop band mainly modelled on Deacon Blue. However, Mike felt naturally drawn to more ambient styles and honed his bass playing on his much treasured fretless bass. Having said that, Mike's favourite bass line to warm up to is Earth Wind & Fire's September, who doesn’t love a great beat!

Mike's journey suddenly changed direction in his early twenties, and after an almost 20 year hiatus, Mike took again to writing and recording music. Following intense persuasion by his children, Mike took the leap to release his music and, under the name of Aardvaak Music, during 2019 and 2020 almost two dozen works make up his discography.


During the period of national lockdown, Mike connected with artists all around the world via social media channels. Mike has been able working on new material, including acapellas supplied by international vocalists. Check out This Place, What Do You Want From Me, and Never Gonna Be The Same.


Mike has big plans for 2021, so keep a look out for more new releases.

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