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Adiv Williams

"Technhouse: ReCytrus" now available on all digital platforms.


"Pareidolia" Available on August 11th 2020 on all digital platforms.


Independent musician, composer, producer and sound designer, multi-instrumentalist, polimetamorphonic ashtarotic etreumniano, former founder member beside to Urian Zavala of Adiv Etreum ( The suicide goddess project) a mexican progressive rock and visual arts collective, whose main message was the promoting active spiritual life based on self-knowledge. The mindless illusion project it´s his first work as solioist, its composed by 2 albums: Anthelius (Eclectic electronic rock) and Beathelius (Dance rock). Written, produced, mixed and mastered by himself.


Technhouse: Way of life EP & ReCytrus single Available on Spotify & all digital platforms


Now Recording: "Technhouse: BeSides" LP


----Looking for a label for next projects.----

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Adiv Williams
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