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ALBA made a name for herself in her native Spain with her soulful voice, virtuoso guitar skills and captivating live performances as the frontwoman of Sons of Rock, where she was known for playing guitar behind her head as homage to Jimi Hendrix.

Having founded the band at the age of 16, in just a few months she went from playing on her high school courtyard to playing for thousands at Rock in Rio.

She continued to tour around Spain, performing at iconic festivals and venues like Mad Cool, Hard Rock Café and Sonisphere, winning one battle-of the- bands after another, featuring on national radio and press, and opening for big acts such as The Waterboys,

Raimundo Amador or Celtas Cortos.

ALBA launched her new solo project with the release of ‘Alone in the Dark’, which

led to her first international tour with dates in the UK, New York and Paris.

Now based in London and with a little help from her bandmates, she has made

her way into the UK music scene, with performances at famous grassroots

venues such as The Cavern Club or Ronnie Scott’s, but also at key festivals

like The Fringe or The Alternative Escape.

Armed with her guitar and a loyal fanbase, ALBA is using her music to make a difference and raise awareness about social and environmental issues, speaking up as a feminist and an ‘Earth Protector’. Her crowdfunding earnings went not only to her new music, but also towards supporting her efforts as a philanthropist, donating to charities that

combat climate change. After the huge success of her latest releases ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘Leap of Faith’, loved by international tastemakers and media, ALBA continues to broaden her musical horizons and sets her eyes on releasing new music in the coming months.

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