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Alpha Boötis

Space disco synth metal mavericks

Alpha Boötis deftly blend together elements of Synthpop, Outrun, Heavy metal and Progressive Rock; creating powerful and ambitious rock operas. With each anthemic chorus, thundering riff or funkalicious groove, the band weaves a colourful narrative, filled with space vikings, interstellar colony ships, dystopian megalopoli and neon-lit spaceport bars.

For the Montreal, Qc quintet, music is a vehicle to create a universe in which to explore the vast complexities of humanity’s future, while soothing the existential angst with a healthy dose of pure fun. Reminescent of the expansive musical stories of Coheed & Cambria, the cinematic retro-futurism of Carpenter Brut and the sheer grandiosity of Iron Maiden, Alpha Boötis’ music is bound to take you to infinity, and beyond!


Alpha Boötis is

Ozymandias: Guitars, Vocals, Production, Songwriting

Harakoa: Vocals, Keyboards, Lyrics

Jotunbot: Drums, Drum programming

Votson: Bass

Krøgorlön: Saxophone

Frak: Songwriting

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Alpha Boötis
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Every Breath You Take (The Police cover)


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