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AmyJo Doh and The Spangles

AmyJo Doh & The Spangles are a band founded and based in Madrid, Spain but with AmyJo Doherty as their composer, founder and front Lady, it definitely has a more British feel. Actually it's very hard to define their sound because they don't actually fit easily into any 'genre box'. AmyJo likes to define each song as a 'little story world unto itself with it's own personal vibe and sound'. They are a band that gives everything in their live shows and everyone always comes away feeling happier and more full of love. they say that their philosophy is really to spread love and good vibes through their music and their mission is to take that message across the world. As Peter Doherty's sister they often tour with The Puta Madres and The Libertines...but for unsigned bands with no financial backing it's hard to get into festivals or to travel much, and so they are open to MOSTLY all offers!!!

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AmyJo Doh and The Spangles