Angie Kuske

Angie is a lyricist/singer-songwriter based in Kent in the UK. With her new songs, she is aiming to bring back melodic, foot tapping songs like pop music used to be! She has loved music all her life and started writing lyrics back in the early 90s, some of which were put to music by various composers.

She had a break from songwriting when life in general took over but returned to writing in 2013 and has been honing her craft ever since. She takes inspiration from her own experiences, from life in general and from general observations. Sometimes inspiration strikes out of nowhere in the middle of a sleepless night! Angie writes meaningful lyrics which she hopes people can relate to. She is inspired by artists such as Elton John, The Eagles, The Beatles, Adele, Abba, Ed Sheeran, George Ezra, Tom Odell and many other singer-songwriters, story-tellers and power pop music.

Since 2019, she has taught herself how to use Garageband and now creates her songs from start to finish using that platform. She is responsible for all arrangements, production, instrumentation, mixing and mastering with her latest material.

Angie has created songs with the spoken-word artist Jon Husqavan. Again, she wrote all music and lyrics for these songs and performed and arranged the music for them.

Angie collaborates with international composers and is constantly writing new material with them. She can write lyrics in almost any style and is always happy for new collaborations.

The songs on Angie’s Soundcloud link are mainly collaborations with other artists. They are included to showcase her skills as a lyricist.

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