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Armageddon Speaking

Armageddon Speaking is an Independent Electronic Music Producer specializing in his unique brand of janktronic IDM ambient and minimalist vibrations.


Armageddon Speaking has been featured on Skylab Radio's Mixed Feelings with Katy Jay Twice with Nepenthe in episode 24 may 25th 2020, and There Were Drones In the Sky in episode 31 on july 20th, 2020. Nepenthe was added to regular rotation for 2 weeks during which it charted and peaked in the top 5 according to Online Radio Box.


Receiving regular air time on Radio TFSC and Radio Dark Tunnel internet radio.


Nikoletta Winters Reviewed Armageddon Speaking's Theory of Time Travel and compared it to early experimental electronic greats including Throbbing Gristle.


MicroMusicReviews also reviewed Theory of Time Travel with interesting considerations on the nature of janktronica: 1


Armageddon Speaking is amongst Clouzine Contemporary Music Magazine's Spring 2020 International Electronic Music Awardees.


MicroMusicReviews called Armageddon Speaking's Collobaration with Dude in the Sky, Eleventy Five Aughty Six "ESSENTIAL KIT!" armageddon-speaking


Armageddon Speaking has collaborated with some of the hottest indie artists in his scene, from NoStereo to Aly-S to Old Man Mike, and beyond. With more to come! Armageddon Speaking's latest album, Your Favourite Time of Day is out on all platforms and stores, including Bandcamp, with Music Videos on Youtube.

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Armageddon Speaking