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As The Plot Thickens

I am Mike Reeves. I created As The Plot Thickens in 2016. I play guitar, bass, drums and provide vocals. I am self taught. I began playing the drums around three years old and guitar at fifteen. I have been singing all my life. Making music is my hobby. I don’t take it too serious. I decided to distribute my music in January 2020 after I completed tracking for “Believe” and had several other songs recorded just sitting around. I joined Distrokid and have enjoyed their distribution services. It’s amazing to get messages from people about my music and how uplifting it is. I want to make impacts in positive ways. I plan to donate my royalties to a local organization for homeless people and those needing a helping hand. I have a gift I can use for something positive. I do enjoy hearing my music stream on all the major platforms. Thank you for checking out my creations!

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As The Plot Thickens
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