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Astrid M

Astrid M is a Singer-Songwriter originally from France, now based in the UK. Her repertoire includes songs in both languages, using her originals to mix both cultures together. Her own material features a voiced mix of calming jazz and pop, inspired by the likes of Nina Simone and Norah Jones. She draws inspiration from nature and engaging in profound conversations with the people around her. In May 2020, she released her debut single ‘Soulmate’ and released her 3rd single ‘Rainy Day’ in November 2020. The latter was written both during and about lockdown, expressing Astrid M’s sensitivity to the strange times we’re living in. In her song "Chilled Sunday", released in January 2021, also written during lockdown, Astrid M reminds us of the importance of relaxation with nothing but chilled, positive and vibrant melodies. In April 2021, Astrid M released her single “Serendipity”. In this empowering, upbeat track, Astrid M aims to inspire others to believe in themselves and to have faith in their destiny. She even signs a few words in her native language. Astrid M is thrilled to present her debut E.P. "LOCKED INN" , released in August 2021 and she will released an acoustic version on December 3rd along with the full EP on CD with Weekend Offender Records.

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Astrid M
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