Bertrands Wish

Featuring the aggressive drumming of Steven Taylor and the expressive guitar playing of Michael Boynton, Bertrands Wish are a rock band based in Yorkshire. Michael, the primary songwriter of the group, places an emphasis on writing songs with strong melodies and infectious hooks.


Mike and Steve began playing together in a covers band in 2016, and since then have moved on to writing and performing their own material. In 2019, they released their first album, ‘Beggar’s Beg, Tyrant’s Rule, which was entirely produced at their home studio.


On December 1st, 2020, they released their second album, ‘Shaken Not Scared’. On this album they were joined by Will Ellis, who contributed his Motown and Jazz flavoured bass playing. ‘Shaken Not Scared’ is their biggest achievement to date musically, containing 12 tracks which show off the groups musical abilities as well as their diverse range of influences.

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