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Phil Mellen is BlackSheepLad

In his teens, twenties and thirties Phil played and sang in various bands (Rainmaker, Serious Hat Band, Excalibur, The Grapefruit) to little success. So he settled into a successful 25 year career in education. But in March 2020 he became ill with Coronavirus and this led to some ongoing health issues and redundancy. The period of imposed isolation and inactivity lead to a burst of song-writing inspired by lockdown, love, mortality and binge - watching zombie TV programmes! Some of these songs made it into the EP ‘Sleeping alone in the daytime’.

Phil sings and plays guitar, drums, keys, bass and various ukuleles. His influences include John Bramwell, Prefab Sprout, Doves, Badly Drawn Boy, Ben Folds, Elbow, Cherry Ghost, Lloyd Cole and Neil Finn. He is looking forward to releasing some more singles and his first album on Wobbly Records in 2021. For interviews and bookings please contact phil@blacksheeplad.com

Great lyrics, wonderful rhymes’ Mike Garry, Poet

This is wicked! Top song and video! Love it ’ Badly Drawn Boy (on Zombie Romance)

Songs on this EP should be those that have the longevity to push BlackSheepLad beyond anything you can imagine. I can see these songs being used many times and for many things. I use the songs to just relax and the same time put a smile on my face’ Electric Music Magazine, November 2020

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