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Steven & BenniQue Blasini, aka "BlaziQue", are a husband and wife duo from Los Angeles, CA. Together for 20+ years now and sharing ALL aspects of their careers... they work and play together 24/7.

In addition to music, they also own and operate a Visual Effects Studio where their work ranges from major theatrical releases, thru TV, thru web media.

Steven began his love of music from toddler age.. being "rhythmically" blessed.. he banged and pounded on anything he could find. He plays drums and percussion natively.. moved on to teach himself guitar, keyboards and eventually found his dream instrument.. the one that bonded with his soul... his BASS! Being a YES fanatic since they began in the late 60's.. Chris Squire of YES became his main tone and style choice. Paul McCartney, Victor Wooten and many others round out his learning style.

While he is a member of an original rock band, he continues to write and develop songs with his wife at their home studio as BlaziQue.


BenniQue has been writing poetry since her early years in NYC, which flowed into becoming a fantastic lyricist and is responsible for BlaziQue's lyrics. She is also an amazing Multimedia Designer/Fine Artist and has created all the art for our projects. She also is KICK ASS at Beat Saber!

During these strange times and being confined, they have let their creativity soar and are currently promoting their latest single:

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