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Boo Sutcliffe

Based in Yorkshire, England, I write songs that live in the space between indie, country and folk.


I grew up under the benign influence of two music-loving older brothers and my self-confessed “culture vulture” mother. So my musical taste was pretty much handed down to me, along with discarded action men, tragic jumpers and some unspeakable multi-coloured pants. Fortunately, this was the 70s and my brothers had a pretty cool take on what was going on (if not pants): there was lots of Led Zep, Stones, Dylan, Queen, Neil Young and Simon and Garfunkel – then later, Bob Marley, The Clash, Jam, Dire Straits and The Cure. Meanwhile, in that way she had of pointing me at things I might like without me really noticing she was doing it, mum had me watching old Frank Sinatra films and listening to Johnny Cash live at San Quentin.


As a songwriter, I draw inspiration from the Americana and roots scenes (with a nod to alt rock and pop), and artists as diverse as Ryan Adams, David Bowie, The National and Joni Mitchell. My lyrics probably owe as much to the novelists I admire as they do to other songwriters. I love the sparse eloquence of many North American writers, where every word counts and there’s not a single one out of place; I think that’s a pretty good ethic to aim for when writing songs.


My debut album Blink was released in January 2021 and is receiving a lot of radio play and great reviews in Europe and North America, particularly in roots, indie and acoustic circles. Blink is available on all major streaming platforms and on CD from Bandcamp.

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Boo Sutcliffe
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