Bootleg Mercy

Bootleg Mercy is a four-piece band from the very heart of the U.S., Kansas. Described as “Surprisingly Amazing,” the band prides themselves on their unique style of music, and their energetic performances. Frontman Rich Thomson brings quality vocal talent along with a unique lyrical writing style. Having auditioned for Limp Bizkit on guitar back in the 2000s, Rich cut his teeth on STP, Alice in Chains, and their contemporaries of that era. Drummer Erick Winebrenner brings a large repertoire of experience playing everything from Country and Metal, to Blues. A literal Jack-of-all-Trades. Just as diverse, Guitarist Curtis Nightingale brings multiple decades of writing, recording, and performing everything from 80s Classic Metal, to Texas Blues. Rounding out the lineup is Bassist Jeff Butler. A local stalwart of the heavier Metal scene, Jeff lends his progressive metal ear to the bottom end.


Together, these talented musicians hammer out some of the most interesting, yet melodic heavy music around. Check. Them. Out.

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