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Brent Newbold; Aging Teen Idol

Brent Newbold is a multi-instrumentalist that isn't stuck in a box. You will hear elements of 70's jam/glam rock, 80's Metal, Jazz, Classical, Doo Wop, and 80's Synth Pop; all wrapped up in one sarcastic, harmonized, big guitar package! Brent has been playing and writing music since the age of four. He was in band all through school, and entered the NW Indiana (Chicago area) music scene in the early 90's. Now nicknamed 'Aging Teen Idol', He now resides in Cincinnati, OH and writing and recording, playing what he wants and when he wants; for the pure enjoyment of music. Hopefully it shines through in the music. Listen!! So, if you like hard rock; it's here. Soft rock? It's here. Melody with harmonies? It's here. Sarcasm? It's here. Will everyone like it? Probably not, and that is ok. Will you like it? Find out! Almost everyone has wasted time doing far worse than listening to a song, twelve, or twenty. Give it a chance. If you like what you hear, it hurts nothing to follow!

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Brent Newbold; Aging Teen Idol