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Brett Rerekura

Brett Rerekura is a Singer / Songwriter / Musician from Australia who has performed in many bands across the years in a diverse range of genres from Acoustic to Progressive Rock / Metal & Alternative Rock


Brett Rerekura was Vocalist for Teramaze (Progressive Metal outfit from Melbourne) which recorded the albums - Anhedonia (Label: Nightmare Records - Year: 2012), Esoteric Symbolism (Label: Nightmare Records - Year: 2014) & Are We Soldiers (Label: Music Theories, Mascot Label Group - Year: 2019). Brett has also been involved in other projects such as Secrets Of A Wooden Hut and appeared on some collaborative albums with a Geelong bassist named Hobbsy.


Brett has recently decided to record some of his own material, the latest being “All the Same” and plans to release more songs in the coming future. A lot of these songs are songs that he started writing many years ago which have remained unfinished business until now.

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Brett Rerekura