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Brian Jin

(The) Brian Jin is/are a fluid music identity. Sometimes it’s a band consisting of Nil DeSilva (drums, vocals), Brian Kious (vocals, guitar), Nick Kladky (vocals, bass) and Casey Wollberg (vocals, guitar). Other times it’s just Brian. The band is given voice by the writings of Brian along with other members of the group. With carefully chosen words and evocative, cinematic lo-fi sound, the Brian Jin spans the spectrum of genre. Starting with an experimental blues EP Red Dirt Blues in 2009, then moving to the jam band style for the album Far to Roam in 2015, and a Folk/EDM fusion album in 2019 called We Should Talk. The band became increasingly prolific during the COVID lockdown of 2020. The Brian Jin released a very live feeling Birmingham New Street & Other Experiences in October 2020. The album grew their audience exponentially and they followed up with another set of songs in the same style, but with maybe just a bit more studio experimentation. That album, The Frenchtown Connection, garnered more spins than any of its predecessors combined. In December 2021, the folkier and sparser The Last Good High was released.

Brian, having an affinity for the recordings of Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five in the 1920s, chooses a lo-fi canvas on which to present the band’s sound paintings. The latest album, YOU ARE THE MOON, hits Spotify on November 20.

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Brian Jin
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