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The C-Beem handle (altered spelling for search purposes) is from Roy Batty’s great line in my favourite sci-fi film, Blade Runner: “I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.” It’s an intriguing line because it’s never explained what a C-beam actually is! A terrible weapon or something else?


NEON GODS, C-Beem album numero 2, is now here on Tunebubble, + Bandcamp, Youtube and most streaming channels. Here's what they're saying:


"C-Beem casts a light on the future present through the ‘Neon’ of a future past.

British neo-synthpop practitioner C-Beem (Chris Mills) has earned a loyal global following for his meticulously crafted brand of 80s-flavoured electronic pop. Rock At Night, having a soft spot for this vintage of pop music, has reviewed a number of his prior releases. On his latest release, 'Neon Gods', C-Beem again crafts a confection whose evocative electro textures and phrasing anchor memorable tunes in your ears. Listen to the production and you’ll hear echoes of Ultravox, Tears For Fears, & Simple Minds—sounds that harkened the future once upon a time. Not willing to settle, however, for an ordinary exercise in period nostalgia, C-Beem arouses our ears’ memories of this once future to frame examination of our current one. And it is here that he makes his mark, the characters and scenes of his tracks sharing timely stories of delusion and folly ('Tin Foil Hat') and a disappointing future that’s now arrived but isn’t what was promised (the cinematic 'Tumbleweed In Tinseltown' and 'Ed Straker Future')."

Vox Count, Rock At Night Magazine


"Shoutout for the amazing C-Beem. His new album NEON GODS is absolutely wonderful and out now. We love it and hope you will too!"

Wud Records


"Great album which has been receiving terrific praise from the music critics and has also been featured by Tom Robinson on the BBC 6 Music radio station."

Guy Boughton, CafeUK


"A fine album. If you like synth pop with eighties and nineties sensibilities, you'll love Neon Gods."

Sidesister - music artists


"Neon Gods ... definitely worth listening to and adding to your playlist."

Jamie Sea, What's Happenin' Music Show

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