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Casa Ambiente

Casa Ambiente is a musician, a journey, a collection and a concept of sound. Music has changed a lot in the past 45 years and Rob Collomb, guitarist, Dj and producer has changed with it. The amass of music through his life has brought him to an extraordinary apex . Deep House, Ibiza lounge and Chill beats accented with emotional guitars. Entirely original yet somehow nostalgic. Casa Ambiente is a live and listening delve into timeless and progressive sounds. Dance or just listen, mediate or let it take you to another place. Recognize and discover new and old melodies.

Like most kids who grew up in Canada in the 70´s, heavy metal was his thing and it is what originally drew him to the guitar. His grandfather though was an avid fiddler and after giving him his first guitar began grooming him as an accompanist for their folk music. Strangely enough this was Rob´s first experience with „dance music“. The two would perform Metis fiddle music for folks in the neighborhood to dance walz, two-step and the Red River Jig. Keeping the people on the dance floor was the objective and became a lifelong passion. The next phase was collecting music to play family events. His father´s double tape deck and blank cassettes were his only resource. This allowed him to start innocently djing.

Simultaneously began the first band experiences with his school friends. Still in high school the Winnipeg market had plenty of work and money for blues bands. Not yet adults their little band grew into an underground Canadian phenomena performing at the Blue Note Café and rubbing shoulders with the industries best. Rob though, as always ,was searching something slightly out of his grasp and dreamed of composing and recording. Once again lacking resources he had to settle for writing songs on the guitar. Building a one person show of covers and his own songs he set off for Europe to play for American soldiers in Germany. While not being ideal for these venues this allowed Rob to make his first recordings and play his first music festivals as an artist-

At this point his references and became substantial making him eligible for grants to study music. Once again making a huge pivot he decided to use the money to study Flamenco guitar in Spain. The next few years lead him on a joyous path of discovery and new levels of musicality. Following his studies he went on to tour with flamenco groups and even performing for 2 years in a German theatre accompanying the ballet as a soloist.

After years of road of work it was time to settle down a bit. The following years he wrote 4 books on guitar method and repertoire landing a bestseller.

All this time Rob had never given up on casually producing and djing. His next decisive move was forming the Afrohouse production and Dj duo „Individualist“. The group has made a name for itself in South Africa collaborating with the countries most ambitious and creative talents accumulating millions of streams.

All these experiences have led the way for the music and performances of Casa Ambiente. Dance and ambient music of finest musicality and quality from a full-blooded and relentless musician/Dj/producer. Rob´s live show is a dj performance of mixing and blending new and popular music with live spanish and electric guitar. Imagine if Paco de Lucia and Santana had baby and it was a dj in Ibiza!

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Casa Ambiente
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