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Who's that one guy in South Carolina who writes a ton of songs, plays a ton of actual instruments and records all these songs at home? Huh, that sounds like Chris Hardy!


Chris Hardy has been creating music since 1978 when he secretly signed up for drum lessons in 8th grade - his Mom didn't find out until a couple of weeks later when he needed to buy sticks and a drum pad for class!


After high school, he joined the Army and spent 6 years at Fort Gordon, GA in the 434th Army Band as a percussionist playing & performing all styles of music. It was during this time that he taught himself how to play guitar, bass, keyboards and began writing songs. Lots of them!


His post-Army musical life included playing bass in a large number of bands as well as fronting his own. Highlights include his duo with wife & drummer Victoria, "3 feet up" being featured on the CBS Early Show in 2006.


In 2012, Chris went solo and has released 16 full length albums on his own since then, recording in his home studio and playing all the instruments. His 4th album in 2021 "This Way To Happiness" contains the wisdom he's used to arrive at a happy life. In his own words, "I want to share this information with everyone - it worked for me, why not others?". The digital album includes an ebook written by Chris that goes into each concept in greater detail.


He currently lives in Edgefield, SC way out in the woods with his wife (now retired from drumming) Victoria on a very peaceful piece of land and yes, they are quite happy.

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