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Chris Reed and the Anime Raiders

Chris Reed and the Anime Raiders is the performing/recording name of San Francisco-based recording artist Chris Reed. Way back in the 1990's he used to perform and record under the name Jim Christopher (albums available on Spotify). With a couple of exceptions he writes all the songs, plays all the instruments and sings all the vocals.

In 1990 he released an independent single called "Favorite Partner" that became the first ever acoustic club dance hit (as Jim Christopher). He was signed to a major record deal the following year but walked away because they didn't like that he went in a different direction for his next album, "Fiction" (also as Jim Christopher). The title track was the theme song for a German Television show.


In 2001 he reclaimed his real name and created the fictional band The Anime Raiders, releasing the minor hits "Kauro-chan" and "Terror of Love". In 2008 he released "11/11" with the hit song "Jennifer", which spent a record 26 weeks at the top of the Independent Music Chart and gained him entrance into the Independent Musician Hall of Fame.


In 2020 he released the single "Rear Window (I don't wanna sleep here anymore)", a charity single that won him Best Alternative Song at the Radio Music Awards. In 2121 he has released a new single every few weeks in anticipation of a new album, including the break-out hit "He Takes a Knee", which won Best Alternative Band from the Independent Music Channel for 2021. He also provided backing vocals for releases by Cody Fry and Kasim Sulton in 2021.


In January 2022 he released the album "hug your local shark", a collection of singles from the previous year along with new material - specifically the single "Stick Around", which is become his most successful song to date.


In June 2022 he is releasing the album "Thousand Year Event", featuring the single and video(s) "Jack". The entire album was improvised and recorded over the space of a couple of hours with no one else in the room even aware it was happening.

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Chris Reed and the Anime Raiders
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