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Chris Riley

Originally from Chester-le_Street in County Durham, I started playing guitar aged 15 nearly 30 years ago. I've got a wide variety of musical tastes. I play in an indie garage band called The False Poets and a folk trio called The Dicey Rileys.


My solo recordings tend to be mellow acoustic guitar songs, although I am open to some experimentation.


My first solo EP Cloudwalking in the Concreteworld was released in 2004. This was followed by Moments Stolen Back in 2009.


In 2020, I released 3 singles, 2 of which appeared on my debut album Cestrian. Cestrian and In the Haze are currently on streaming platforms with my other releases on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


I'll continue to write and put things out via indie label Nice Mind Records.

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Chris Riley
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