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Coffee & Flowers

The Italian duo Coffee & Flowers have been formed in january 2019 in Tuscany (Montecatini Terme) by the bassist/acoustic guitarist Alessandro Moschini and the singer Gianluca Niccoli. The duo in June published the single "Notte di strada" with which took part of the contest Talent Move. In December 2019 during a theater Christmas show the duo met the sax player Melany Sax, playing onstage a couple of songs prepared 1 hour before the show and proposed her to collaborate for the new single "When you fall in love" published in January 2020. Due to the coronavirus the duo has been forced to stop with the live show but is preparing his first album that will contain 9 songs including "When you fall in love", a new version of "Notte di strada" and another song featuring Melany Sax. The album will probably be out in July and the title will be "Capatosta". It won't be only digital, it will be printed on cd too.

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Coffee & Flowers