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A chilly December evening, Columbus, Ohio: several people loiter outside a local venue, smoking and chatting, bundled in dark hoodies and jeans. Inside, amps can be heard buzzing to life, and glasses clink over excited shouts and greetings. Old friends rush across the open floor in Chuck Taylors while the band sound checks – and all at once everyone feels the nostalgic vibrations and heartwarming glow of an emo-revival.


Cotter, who's namesake was taken to honor a dear friend who lost their battle with depression, began as an acoustic duo in the Summer of 2019; after five years of musical collaboration between founders Howard Mesharer and Zach Lukkarila. After Halloween, they teamed up with Kyle Spears (guitar), Andrew Brzeczkowski (drums), and Ethan Geist (bass) to round out the full band lineup. By the end of the year they were playing their very first show to a crowd of 200. Cotter tackles the spectrum of human emotion - abuse, love, anger, and happiness. Their catchy and personal lyrics range from first dates to struggles with mental health, pulling at their fans’ heartstrings only the way beloved classic emo tunes can.


In these dark times of 2020, we all truly need a little love in the time of Cotter. Derailed by COVID-19, but never discouraged, they recorded their first EP in the unusual Spring and Summer of 2020. Like much of the world they spent time reflecting on their roots and what makes them unique as artists; pouring all this stirred, yet unavoidably static emotion, into their music.


Their first studio release will be available across several platforms in October 2020.


If you still flip your hair to classic songs by Yellowcard, A Day to Remember, and Mayday Parade, give your ear holes a treat and add Cotter to your playlist. You won’t regret it.


Be sure to catch us on social media and all major streaming platforms, and stay tuned for new releases and, eventually, more shows!

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