An independent instrumental guitarist, composer and producer, CrazyJ36 targets deep world music, and uses his music theory knowledge to engulf rock, metal, jazz, classical, RnB, and hip-hop emotion into his multi-genre compositions. The music is meant to please all casual music lovers. The one man behind the name is Thomas James Kennedy, born 1989 in Tampa, Florida United States. Still residing in Central Florida, he believes that the rainforests, ocean, and space surrounding him actually tell what he should write in his songs. A self-taught musician, CrazyJ36 has been creating music since his childhood, always looking to bring notes and rhythms together in the most efficient and exciting way possible. He decoded what music theory is by himself with one piano keyboard. In his personal time, for self-healing, he practices A mix between Tai-Chi and Shamanism. These are the journeys that invoked his need to create music, so that he could speak while battling Schizophrenia. Also A software developer, the artists' official website: was built by CrazyJ36 himself just for fans! You can download and read the full story of the artist there, along with the meaning of his songs. Hear from, or easily get in touch with CrazyJ36 on Facebook:, Instagram:, Facebook Messenger:, and Twitter:, or by Email:

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