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Born in London, England- D1scostu (Stuart Hyson) is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger & music producer. Trained in classical and jazz piano he has performed as a session musician for many artists and appears on a number or releases. He now works from his own studio - Black11 Studios producing his own music as well as working with other artists. 
 From an early age he showed a natural talent for music and after hearing an old recording of Winifred Atwell playing the Black & White Rag, chose the piano as his desired instrument. He was transfixed by the syncopated rhythm. This led to a love of ragtime, blues, boogie woogie and jazz. Dr John was a huge influence along with the great jazz pianists Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea. He also loved the free style playing of Thelonious Monk which you can still here in a lot of his production today. Along with writing music for visual media makers, he also writes in many genres from hiphop to latin jazz, classical to boogie woogie.


Thank you for checking out D1scostu. We hope you enjoy listening to the varied content and material, tunes and rhythms.....DREAM BIG, DARE TO FAIL......

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