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Eunice Cazarez is an American-Mexican singer and painter, who has acted in several indie films. Dexuality Valentino is a musician, painter and writer from Manchester. Physically an ocean apart – they have never met, nor spoken over the phone.   Working entirely in the digital domain, their shared experiences, via art and music, allow them to create their very own prototype of experimentalism.


Suffice it to say that while the DVEC is clearly electronica, they push the limits of the genre, and even question the very rules of music. It may sound haphazard and disjointed to the uninitiated at first, but in actuality it is precise and deliberate music.


DVEC are pioneers, exploring places so far away from the safe and snug bubble of all accepted musical knowledge that it can be scary at times for the faint-hearted. Once you’ve pressed play on the opening track, “Letting The Days Go By”, you will realize that currently nothing else is even in the same universe as DVEC, not even remotely so.

Continuously morphing soundscapes, echoing spoken-word narratives, and ever-changing percussive rhythms come at you in spades. There’s no dancing to be done here, intelligent or otherwise. In an ocean of stagnant and floundering creativity, DVEC have reached the shoreline of something new.


Their use of non-linear rhythms create a formlessness that is beautifully exemplified throughout this album. While on both “Automated Alice” and “Respect” – arguably the most accessible tracks on the album – linear percussion is the driving backbone of the arrangements.

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