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Daddy Bitts

Daddy Bitts, Brandon Bittner in real life, is a musician and songwriter. What makes this artist someone you should explore is the songs. The focus is always on the song. Bringing the meaning to life in the way the Muse intended. Brandon started taking music as a child of 8, according to family legend, with one of Elton's piano teachers. He studied piano and harpsichord until picking up a bass guitar for a rock band. At university he played in a "never quite made it" band, UHF. After school he went on to work for a travelling dance band on the East Coast of the USA. After a decade on the road - settled life came calling. A "day job" teaching, a bunch of fantastic kids, a job for a dozen years playing organ in church...but music was always lurking In 2013 songs started appearing. Technology allowed for decent home recording. For the last 7 years Daddy has been honing songwriting and musicianship, but also the production end of music. Daddy Bitts is a better than average guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, singer and drummer, but is a superb songwriter and lyricist. The way all the elements come together, the attention to meaning, feeling, and being true to the song make this music stand out in the crowded field of of today's music. Listen. Open your mind. Put on headphones, and peel back the layers.

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Daddy Bitts
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