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Damo Funk & Artistes Known As Us

DJ Producer who up until 2016 was a Sound Engineer, Events Logistics and Production Manager and Tour manager with various top clubbing brands including such names as Hed Kandi, Gatecrasher, Prive and Miss Moneypenny's, also Djing in various countries across Europe including, Portugal, Corfu, Malta and Ibiza... with a fusion of dance music, funk and unique take on electronic music germinated from 2001 to 2016


then in 2016 I got together with my Bestie James Renford and formed a recording and EDM Dance collective called the Electric Funk Orchestra, I produced the shows, vibes and beats, James the Sax and inspiration and we added various singers & professional musicians throughout the years, evolving finally into "Artistes Known as Us'...

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Damo Funk & Artistes Known As Us