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DateMonthYear began in 2003 as a “way of making music’, based around the writing, arrangement and production work of percussionist/ music educator Trevor Faville.

What followed was a musical vision that evolved and developed through the often-licensed first recording ‘Sampler’, to the Rockier ‘7Ghosts’, through the experimental ‘Guitar/Remix Experiment’ collection and then to the more ambitious and darker ‘Pot/Kettle/Black’.

The music is best described as cinematic Indie rock, and the ongoing success of our music being licensed to TV and Movies around the world speaks to is cinematic scope and lyrical intensity.

The journey from 2003 has included doing music for live theatre and gigs with symphony orchestras, keeping up a constant live presence based around our hometown of Hamilton, New Zealand, and producing a series of independently produced and directed music videos, some of which are of an unsettling and challenging indeed. These are all archived on the DateMonthYear youtube channel.


Our latest album -simply called ‘DateMonthYear’, is a summary of the last five years of work, embracing the ‘new music business model’ which espoused by many bands and performers around the world.. It includes the singles ‘Numbers’ and ‘March’. Both of which were playlisted on hundreds of radio stations around the world through 2016-2019.

If this album is a ‘summary statement’, then the next steps are already planned! New video releases are scheduled in 2020, and there are another two albums in the works as well.

DateMonthYear keeps busy and looks forward!

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