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An accomplished veteran of the Pittsburgh, East Coast and Midwest music scenes since 1965, Dave Molter had just released a new single! "It Was You," is now available on Spotify and most online msuic stores, or from Dave's website! The accompanying EP of the same name will be released on Dec. 18! Pre-order it now on Bandcamp. Digital download ($7) includes a bonus track; signed physical CDs are available ($10+ shipping) to U.S. customers.


"Late December" is a track released as a tribute to Buddy Hall, my longtime freind and producer, who passed away unexpectedly on Jan. 29, 2021. It was meant to be an album-closing cut, 8 minutes long, but it was in the can from sessions in 2019 and Buddy & I never got around to releasing a CD that it would compiment. The amazing lead guitar is provided by Reb Beach of Whitesnake, Winger and other top hard rock/metal bands. Reb's is a Pittsburgher, liike Buddy and me.


"Late December" is about relationships, as are many of my songs. Most anyone can relate to the lyrcis, which are aimed at a woman who, no matter how good a relationship may be, always sems to dwell on the negative. Her mind is always bleak, dark, thus "Late December."


Take the time to listen to the full track: I think you'll be rewarded. It's avilable as a "name your price" download from Bandcamp. If you like the song, share the link with friends:


"Late December" download:





"It Was You" is a tribute to the pop acts of the mid-Sixties, mostly American acts like the Turtles or Monkees, but also British acts like The Kinks, which sometimes ventured out of rock norms to throw in a touch of British music hall ditties. All these acts occasionally released uptempo, sunny, happy, sometimes silly tunes with catchy choruses.


This song is in the same vein. It can be sung by either a man or a woman, the overriding sentiment is that the person being sung about changed the singer's life. I've been lucky enough to have this happen to me a few times, but I have to admit the most recent time has been the best. Envision the singer romping through the park on a sunny day, throwing caution -- and maybe flower petals -- to the wind. Instrumentation recalls those classic tunes: bright guitar, thumping bass and drums, a happy, singalong breakdown with handclaps followed by trumpets and a calliope on the repeated outro. Calliope suggests, of course, a circus. At least in my day, everyone loved the circus. But you'll also hear calliope on a merry-go-round. Either way, it's a happy sound. Most of my songs deal in love, in all its forms. This is happy love. I can't promise that all my love songs will be happy, because sometimes loves hurts (or stinks, or sucks -- pick your verb)!

Recorded at Albey Road Studio in Pittsburgh, Al Anyder & Dave Molter, producers
Dave Molter: Bass,  lead & background vocals
Al Snyder: keyboards, background vocals
Joey Waslousky: Drums & bongos

Danny Gochnour: Guitars


Dave has had six #1 indie music hits since the release of his debut EP, "Foolish Heart", in September 2019. Find all his music on Spotify!

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