Dave Molter

Wrapping up a phenomenally successful year since the release of his debut EP, “Foolish Heart,” indie artist Dave Molter will release his seventh single on Sept. 30, 2020.

“(Really Nothin’ New) Under the Sun” is a swampy, funky old-school rocker. It was recorded in Pittsburgh, PA, at Albey Road Studios and was produced and engineered by Al Snyder (www.alsnydermusic.com.)

The new single can be pre-saved now on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play (links below) and on Sept. 30 will be available to buy for 99 cents from Dave’s website (www.davemoltermusic.com), Bandcamp (https://davemoltermusic.bandcamp.com/) and all major online stores.

“(Really Nothin’ New) Under the Sun”follows Dave’s string of five #1 successive indie radio hits that started in September 2019 when “Foolish Heart” debuted at #1 in the United Kingdom. Four of the five songs on the “Foolish Heart” EP and a separately released single, “Oh Woman, Don’t You Cry,” hit #1 on indie radio worldwide. “Fading Away,” released in spring 2020, went to #2 on indie radio and currently has more than 73,000 Spotify streams.

An accomplished veteran of the Pittsburgh, Midwest and East Coast music scenes since 1965, Dave counts The Beatles as his primary influence, but listeners will hear echoes of pop rock, prog rock and even country as well as nods to Phil Spector, Brian Wilson and Peter Gabriel.

Dave’s current plans are to release an EP by the end of 2020 with more EPs to follow in 2021. Songs will run the gamut from Sixties pop rock to dramatic, heavily textured tour de forces that would be at home on Seventies AOR. As on “Foolish Heart,” most of the songs will revolve around the subject of love in all its diverse guises.

Says Dave: “I’m still blown away by the response from listeners to the songs on “Foolish Heart.” I’ve heard from fans and deejays all over the world, and it’s gratifying to know that we share a common belief in the power of love expressed through music.

“John Lennon said it best in 1967: ‘All you need is love!” I still believe it!”

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