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David Broadway


David is a Brit working & living in Portugal. He came into contact with a Portuguese pianist/artist and it resulted in David realizing the independent release of four albums in 2019 (But Beautiful), 2020 (Let It Be Me) & 2021 (Perhaps Love) & 2022 (Yesterday When I was Young".

In November, 2022 David launched two singles from his latest album and changed them up with the addition of trio rhythm (drums & bass). These and the albums

can be found on all the digital channels distributed through Tunebubble services.


David signed in with "Musixmatch" to give fans the access to see the original composers lyrics in time with the streaming of the songs. All lyrics were entered by David. Spotify subscribers can see this LYRICS integration. Other digital sites do show the lyrics in a pop up with Musixmatch subscriptions.


You can now download my latest singles & album "Yesterday When I Was Young" and "Perhaps Love" at a very good price or individual tracks using Tunebubbles new service so please head to my profile and thanks for your support. Other albums upon request.

My overall recordings are distributed for streaming by Tunebubble services and can be seen on https://www.linktr.ee/DavidsJazzBroadway.

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David Broadway
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