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David Ness

  1. 2020 was a busy year musically. Nohumaneye released the album Age of Extinction
  2. We collaborated with Pop Group legend Mark Stewart, who along with producer Matthew Shaw remixed some tracks from the album
  3. We also featured on the #OurMusicCompliation album
  4. 2021, the Mark Stewart and Peter Harris Art Project BombArt asked me to contribute some spoken word pieces for their Radio Show on Radio Alhara
  5. Over winter, as Walt and Marty of Nohumaneye went into hibernation I channelled my creativity into a 14-track solo album I wrote and performed over December and January with the assistance of my 15-year-old son Eric who recorded and co-produced the album, as well as performing on a few tracks.
  6. The album is called Being-Time released to download and stream on 22 March 2021.

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David Ness