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from Fashion Designer for celebrities, TV, Film and Stage. To Award Winning Authot for Thankful. Awarded "Music Composer of the Year" from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Let Them Eat Cake (Official Video) has achieved 46 decorations across 6 continents!

Spy Z.0 was created for an animated spy film coming out of Greece ttitled: The Ice Sculptor

curently Spy Z.0 (Official Video Clip) has achieved 5 decorationo to date.


Earnest’s design creativity has led him in many different directions. Fashion, author, musician, producer. Tapping into his musical training, Earnest has written lyrics and Co-Produced music for two artist who have made the top 10 charts.


2016 E completed his second manuscript, and music for an album to coordinate one song per chapter. “Let Them Eat Cake (Chapter 18)” is the first release of Unity Soundtrack. With each track arrange, performed and produced by Earnest.



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