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Erin Ryan

  1. Erin, a musician and artist from Brisbane, Australia, composes inspirational, new-age, alternative music. Her uplifting, emotional and experimental music is influenced by artists like Enya, who she grew up listening to.
  2. She began her musical journey with the piano at age three. Through the years, she met the trumpet as well as the vibraphone which she quickly became enchanted with. She now incorporates these instruments in almost every piece of her music. Discovering the fun of composing music first with Sibelius, without needing the skills to play every instrument, was when she consciously began the journey of music creation.
  3. Music creation is a form of solidifying her resolve to turn unpleasant feelings and experiences into something good and positive. One can hear how she shares her emotional journey carried in her gentle, warm, soulful voice, and capture those hearts in need of soothing.
  4. Composed from her small home studio, her first single, Pushing Rainbow, was realest in April 2019. Erin has since released her first EP earlier this year and is currently working on more unique songs.

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Erin Ryan