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A.J. Fox aka rap artist EternaliFox, grew up along shore area of New Jersey.. He had a pretty normal childhood like most kids playing sports, being the beachside. He was really into sports when he was a kid especially basketball games, he even played representing his school with other schools and gained much success. He said, “Although I excelled at all sports, I was extremely passionate about basketball and quickly gained notoriety as a young prospect via AAU and dominating middle school games before even high school.”



I remember my first CD was “Murder Was the Case” by Snoop and quickly became well versed in understanding the style and vibes of each rap artist. I adapted to that type of lifestyle as an early teenager, in terms of the endless beautiful girls, street hustling, and partying.”


“I have an MBA and BS Degree which I sought to take the traditional path via corporate structure with hopes of entrepreneurship as the long-term goal.  As time progressed various circumstances continued to prove to me that I wasn’t in the proper line of work.  It wasn’t until July 2021 that I decided to pivot directions and focus on pursuing an internal passion for success within the Industry.”


A.J.'s sound, energy, and persona have propelled his development as an artist and has released 4 albums streaming on all major media platforms in 2022. His work ethic, passion, and relentless focus to improve indicate he has the potential to be a highly successful as he pursues a vision of global recognition as rap's next biggest superstar.

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