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Sometimes you have to be fearless and take chances..


In the Spring of 2019, musician Andy Davidson from Teesside set out to create something he had always wanted to, a music project where he was fully in control of every aspect, from writing and production to website and merch design.


The album Andy began to write was as much a means of escape as a creative venture.


“I feel I had to do this to fix something inside of me, and to make peace with myself.”


Andy pours his heart and soul into his writing, exploring the two opposing emotions of depression and hope. Flawlessly working these emotions into his writing, Save Yourself was released in December 2019, and was well received with interest from BBC Introducing and #1 spots on independent charts in the UK, New York, Japan and Australia.


The EP, Hurricane, released December 2020, immediately captured hearts with reflections of the continuing theme of change and loss, combined with the heart aching yet uplifting now trademark sound.

Hurricane also sees Andy continuing to advance his skills as a self taught producer/engineer, an area in which he is constantly driven to advance and progress in.





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Feed Your Wolves
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