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Fino_cory have performed at many clubs, parties, bars and festivals in Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Detroit and other cities in Michigan. Fino_cory has more showcases than he can count under his belt, including the Crowdfreak, Number1radio, Rep your city, Defaction, Backwoods and bonfires, Bankrose Studio, The hip hop lab (Love and lyrics), mic check Monday War room and Y.E.S. studio. Also opening for industry artist such as babyface ray, boldy James, dame dot, Ace cino, and jadakiss. Fino Cory continues to grow as an upcoming force to be reckoned with. His music continues to widen the gap between him and the average unskilled rapper. But outside his musical talent and achievements; Fino Cory is a staple of support for his city and fellow artist. Its just one of his many qualities that makes him a true assets to hip hop.

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