I am a singer- songwriter that grew up in Shropshire in the UK. I’ve loved music all my life using it to get through hard and good times but I found my true passion for songwriting and singing in 2018. I have a motto It’s ‘be real because the world needs more of it.’ And I hope that it comes through in my music. I am influenced by lots of music from classical dark piano pieces to modern pop and 90s R&B. I have an eclectic taste in music and is The Weeknd, Celine Dion, Sam Smith and The Cranberries. I love the way they can all tell a story and create something that draws you in. Just by their voice and the words they choose to sing. That inspires me a great deal. Mainly, I use my own experiences and feelings to inspire me. Other times it’s what’s going on around me and things that happen in the world to the people closest to us.

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