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Fulcra is an alternative rock band from Santiago de Chile created in 2015. Their music is strongly influenced by nu-metal, grunge and progressive rock bands, especially from the 90s.


Fulcra centers their music on the dark side of human emotions using heavy drums, ever-changing guitars and deep lyrics to submerge listeners deep into their own sway resulting in a very unique and hard to ignore mood.


The band started in 2015 as a power trio, releasing their first homonymous 5 songs EP. After the entry of a second guitar, the band began a local tour and started experimenting with new sounds, leading to the release of 3 singles in 2016. This process concludes in 2020 with the release of their LP "Paralelo", an album featuring some synthesizers that give the music atmosphere a new, more complex sound.

They are currently releasing acoustic quarantine-recorded versions of the band's discography through Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

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