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Grass Mud Horse

Fusing the worldly storytelling of traditional folk with the fiercely untamed energy of Celtic-punk; Grass Mud Horse are an emerging band made up of international talent. They are currently based out of China and bringing their raw, Celtic anthems to the worldwide stage. Their most recent releases include “The Hill I Chose To Die On”, “No Prey No Pay” and “Absent Friends”. All fist-pumping Celtic anthems in their own right that’ll have you moving and shouting towards glory.


Award-winning multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Chris Barry formed the band with Texas-born drummer, Will Wyld and brings in other musicians to perform live with them. He takes a distinctly DIY approach to music, recording all of his tracks from his home studio. To date, Chris has released three singles under the Grass Mud Horse moniker, along with a six track acoustic EP that was recorded during the Corona virus lockdown on a porta-studio in Inner Mongolia, China. The group have toured in and around China; as well as played the acclaimed online Celtic punk festival “One Night Stand” alongside big names like The Mahones, 1916 and Mike Rivkees of The Rumjacks and Micky Rickshaw.


Chris has been making music for most of his life. At the age of fifteen he emigrated to Canada with his family and went on to form the award winning Anglo-Canadian indie-rock group, The Strange. The band's first single sold out in a matter of weeks and was even featured on Canadian TV show “15 Love”. He’s currently finishing a degree in songwriting and has a Celtic punk album and full-length EP in the works. His unique blend of traditional folk with the punk rock sound has seen the group gain rave reviews from bloggers and grow a steady following worldwide.

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Grass Mud Horse
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