Hand of Kalliach

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, husband-and-wife two piece Hand of Kalliach arose in December 2020 with the launch of their debut EP, "Shade Beyond".


Their atmospheric Celtic metal sound is defined by distilled Scottish folk and Gaelic overtones, blended with a melodic death metal foundation. Their music was picked up very quickly even prior to release by radio stations and playlists, notably featuring as January 2021's 'Band Of The Month' on The Midnight Hour show on Metal Meyhem Radio in the UK.


Whilst influenced by folk music, Hand of Kalliach creates minimal use of traditional instruments, instead lifting rhythms, time signatures and patterns from Folk music and adapts them for distorted guitars.


The tracks of "Shade Beyond" range in atmosphere from the charged energy of "In Tempest Wrought" and "White Horizon", to the raw aggression of "Fathoms" and the darker intonations of "Fàilte", and to the more classic Metal punch of "Overwhelm". It has received positive critical reception with an 8/10 from Folk-Metal.nl and 4/5 from Fjordhammer Music.


Line up:

John Fraser • Vocals, Guitars, Drums

Sophie Fraser • Vocals, Bass

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