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Helena Del Pilar

Helena del Pilar grew up in the home of Moisés Lorenzo Campo Loaiza, who was one of the pioneers of radio in the Department of La Guajira Colombiana. In her early years Helena was moved by his passion for music! This inspiration drove Helena to win many song competitions including El Cactus de Oro, Festival of Youth Performers, Looking for Stars and others.

In 1999 Helena traveled to Aruba where she sang in the  Caribbean language of Papiamento. The songs "Decepshon" and "Semper Lo Mi Keda Di-Bo-Só"; were included in her first album Helena Del Pilar - "With the Soul in the Skin" (Con El Alma En La Piel).

In 2001 Helena published a new album called "Lia Muñiz HACIA TI". Then, in 2009 Helena released an album with 13 songs that began to show more about who she was as a singer. These songs were not only well received by the Colombian national media, but also abroad. It was the album MI SUEÑO that showed a new facet of Helena Del Pilar as a composer as well as mixing and merging traditional genres with Pop and Rock. Later, she published the single "Un Dia Sin Ti" in 2013. This is the song that gave Helena her own identity as a singer and composer to her many fan around the world. In 2018, she recorded and released the song and a video in English to rave reviews.

Christmas is Helena's favorite time of the year, so she decided to publish a song that she

composed for the holiday: "Llegó Navidad" (Christmas is Here) in 2015. It is a song with

a Christmas spirit, sung in a Pop/Rock style for which Helena Del Pilar is known


A lover of the cultures of the world, in 2016 Helena decided to pay homage to several

countries, including: Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States and Colombia. As a

tribute, Helena made these songs available as free downloads in her profile on

ReverbNation and she has more tributes planned for 2019!

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Helena Del Pilar