Hertz Horn

If I was forced to describe it, I would say Hertz Horn is Heavy Garage Rock with a Metal edge. Imagine if White Zombie, New Model Army and Faith No More borrowed Motorhead's gear and got together to jam. From the beginning, the music was conceived as the score for a movie that doesn't exist and coalesced to become the "Sentinels" EP, released in November 2019. The lyrics cover emerging from crisis, inherited prejudice, Hypnagogic hallucinations, and the motivation behind labours of love. "30 Years" was partly inspired by trying to form a new band, which in this case was not to be. But when faced with the choice of giving up or doing it myself I decided to persist, enlisting the sublime talents of Joe Lazarus as Session Drummer. Having played Bass in bands since 1990 (Salem Justice, Divided By One, Tripswitch) there are some aspects I miss and others I don't, but I am always open to the possibility of Hertz Horn becoming a fully realised gigging band, and that's one reason for giving this project a band name rather than just using my own name. In case you wondered, Hertz Horns are the spikes that stick out of old sea mines! Right now I am writing new songs, planning videos, and aiming to release a new EP next year.

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