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Hertz Horn

You'd usually find some hyperbole here, awkwardly written in the third person but which you'd suspect was self penned. How about we skip that this time?

My name is Steve Dearnley and I make music under the name Hertz Horn. I'm primarily a Bass player but also Sing, play Guitar, Produce and Mix this music. The Drummer is Joe Lazarus, a hugely talented and renowned session player I am very lucky to have on board.

Writing songs is the purest way I can express myself and I can't imagine my life without that outlet. Nothing else challenges me so much or rewards me so richly, and when other people enjoy what I do that's a wonderful bonus.

I spent 20 years travelling the UK, earning my stripes playing every sticky floored pub and club possible, culminating at Download Festival. I've been in three bands prior to this but for now I'm just making the music I want to in a way that suits me.

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Hertz Horn
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