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I Divorced Life

I Divorced Life is in effect actually just me, a one man band and a one man show. But it is not an isolated bubble and I have had the pleasure of several very wonderful collaborations with great artists over the years.


I currently live in Germany but was born in Denmark, and grew up in a picturesque tiny town called Svendborg. Svendborg has a habour and a couple of ancient stones left behind from a castle that once towered at the top of a hill. Once it had a sprawling music scene where I had my fun in bands that no one has ever heard of, such as Wherewolf, Cat Fit and Amanda.


My latest work is an album called Petting Zoo. It consists of nine songs presenting the disembodied head of a demon floating mid-air over a small boy in his bed, incomplete lists of flowers and berries, dream-related emotional residue, candle-lit ritualistic torture, tyranni and abuse, dripping golden honey, and the question of why I drive sober.


Petting Zoo marks a stark shift for me, away from the more conventional pop song structures, into more noisy, experimental, abstract and avant-garde territory. The vocals are more screaming than singing, but there is the occasional catchy melody hook to find among all the unpleasantness. The music is pushed forward by throbbing, stabbing analogue drum machines and seasoned by synthesizers, percussion and samples from field recordings.


If you should feel inclined to support me directly, please visit my Bandcamp and purchase my music through there.


Or if you just want to buy me a coffee you can do so here.

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I Divorced Life
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