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  1. Hello,
  2. I am a German musician and my artist name is "ID MM". I sell my electronic music at "AMAZON", "iTunes" and other shops and streaming services. I started in 2012 to compose electronic music. Sometimes I take pictures and I create CD-MP3-Covers or other graphical works. I also published e-books and paper-books with the titles „Attack Of The Spider Woman“ and „Der Kampf Der Spinnenfrau“.
  3. Get my E-books and Print-books at: “AMAZON” .com and .de!
  4. Hear my tracks at “SoundCloude”:
  6. I have also signed a contract with the music label "Beige Records". This is my first label-contract!
  7. The double EP "The Current", with the tracks "Boy" and "Under The Surface", was released worldwide on 2020-12-25 by "Beige Records" and is promoted by this label.
  8. Listen to the tracks on "Youtube", "Soundcloud" and many more shops and streaming services!
  12. Write to me if You are interested in modern and futuristic music styles and if You are interested in cooperating with the label "Beige Records" or me!
  13. ----------------------------------------------
  14. Auch der Künstler “L.I.X.“ hat einige Remixe meines Titels „Aljona“ erstellt, die von mir bei „AMAZON“ und anderen Seiten verkauft werden. Die „AMAZON“-URL ist:
  16. Auch einige Cover-Versionen (von „Depeche Mode“, „Roxette“ und weiteren Künstlern) werden bei „SoundCloud“ beachtet! „SoundCloud“-URLs:
  19. Look the pictures of my exhibition "Progressive Pictures" at "YouTube"!
  24. I will produce the picture You like at the size You want and at the material You want (acryl, paper, aluminum, cloth…) and with the border, You want (genuine root-wood, oak, chestnut and others – some borders in different colors like You want)!
  25. I would like to design graphics for all kind of physical things - all modern and progressive things!
  26. Ich biete auch viele meiner Bilder (physische Bilder zum Verkauf und Grafiken für Prints für Kleidungsstücke und weiteres) an! Schauen Sie auch gerne die URLs mit meiner Kunst (mein Künstlername ist "ID MM") im Internet an:
  30. Also I want to donate my physical picture "the square root of soon is never" for selling for socials or another good way for socials! Please write me!
  32. Email:
  33. Email:
  34. my postal-address:
  35. Maik Mueller
  36. Bruechau Nr. 42
  37. 39624 Kalbe (Milde)
  38. Best Regards – Maik Mueller – „ID MM“
  39. ⛩️ - 📡- 🔬

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